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Here you’ll find information and advice on healthy living from Ed Dodge, M.D., as well as dispatches from Africa (where he taught health sciences), glimpses into his own healthy lifestyle, and more.

Much of this content was published first on Dr. Dodge’s original blog, so if you have followed him at The Joys of Healthy Living blog at, you are in the right place!

Research shows that healthy lifestyles lower the risk of disorders like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and stroke that plague our society. An editorial in The Journal of the American Medical Association stated in September 2009: Initiatives aimed at improving lifestyle behaviors have the largest influence on reducing the future burden of disease.

In other words, you have more personal health power than anyone else, even your doctor! Dr. Dodge’s desire is to help you use your own health power effectively.


Hope on the Horizon

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine held its annual conference in Indianapolis this year. My two sons and their families live in Indianapolis, so the conference was doubly appealing for me. As always, it was excellent. Most presentations highlighted some aspect of improved health achievable for millions of people through…

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