Books by Ed Dodge, MD

Family: A Family Doc’s Memoir of Life in Africa and the US

When Ed Dodge was born in Salamanca, New York, nobody could have guessed the twists and turns his life would take. He spent much of his childhood in Angola, where his parents were missionaries. He suffered culture shock when he returned to America as a teenager, but went on to become a physician who worked in the United States and Africa at various stages of his career. Along the way he was a prison doctor, an emergency room physician, a public health director, a family doctor, a volunteer with Volunteer-in-Mission teams in Africa, and an adjunct professor of health.

A few things remained constant: a love of family that took high priority during every stage of his career; a passion to work for people’s well-being; and his search for spiritual meaning. In the process, he rediscovered the ancient spiritual truth that all of us have innate, God-given healing power if we don’t sabotage it with negative thinking and unhealthy habits. Synthesizing all of this, he and a colleague recently cofounded the Family Wellness Institute to inspire and support healthy families.

Ed’s adventurous journey has spanned eight decades and counting. His story will inspire you to think about what you value most in your own life and pursue it for all it’s worth.

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Be HealthyBe Healthy: Simple Guidelines for Lifelong Well-Being
Released Jan. 2, 2014, Dr. Dodge’s newest book is an excellent guide to healthy living. Grounded on solid science, its practical approach is inviting to anyone who wants to advance toward healthier living. A user-friendly Wellness Toolkit at the end of the book encourages interested readers to begin taking baby steps or larger ones, moving at their own pace toward consistent well-being. Be inspired by this book, and use it as a practical lifestyle guide for years to come.

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Be Healthy: Simple Guidelines for Lifelong Well-Being ($5.99)

Dans StoryDan’s Story: One Man’s Discovery of His Inner Health Power
This is the story of a man with health problems who learns how to tap into his own inner health power. The story of how he discovers the answers to his problems and how he applies them effectively in his own life is absorbing.Read this book for its inspiring story and, in the process, learn how you, too, can take advantage of the principles of personal health power.

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Tims StoryTim’s Story: Spiritual Perspective of Health
A book about a new perspective of health that is emerging today, Tim’s Story captures the essence of ideal health from an individual standpoint as well as from a more global perspective. Deftly interweaving personal experiences with sound principles of healthy living, the author holds the reader’s attention as he tells mini-stories that clarify his themes. Enjoyable and enlightening reading.

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