Backyard Gardens II: See What We’re Doing!

We enjoy the produce from our little backyard box gardens so much that we’ve decided to add more of them. In fact, we’re converting most of our small backyard into box gardens. Look at the picture to see what this may look like. What you see is the sunny side of our backyard with the proposed new box gardens dominating the scene. In the background you can see several of our older, smaller box gardens. To the far left and right are two whiskey half-barrels housing blueberry bushes that give us wonderful blueberries every May. A small 3×3 box next to the fence is full of bean bushes that have given us fresh organic green beans for dinner every day this month. In the corner is our rosemary bush, looking like it’s sporting a giant green Afro hairdo. It provides all the rosemary we ever need in our kitchen. The silver box next to it is growing a few early zucchini plants that are just starting to blossom. In another week or two they’ll totally dominate that space.

Wait, you ask: “What does Carol think about all this?” I’m glad you asked. Carol is the one who came up with the idea of turning our backyard into gardens, and she is 100% behind it. In fact, she bought the box frames and helped me put them together. So the project is as good as done! Of course, we still have some work to do, like filling the boxes with good garden soil, and then planting and tending to the gardens, but that will be a joy. I love gardening, and I want to become a master backyard gardener!