A Walk in the Park

Magnificent Fig TreeI had a meeting scheduled with District Superintendent Rev. Daniel Chitsiku this afternoon. I took the AU bus into town and did a bit of grocery shopping. Still having a couple hours to spare, I took a walk in the Mutare City Park. This is a lovely park that has been there for decades. I found a concrete bunch shaded under a large fig tree and enjoyed some quiet time there. After a bit, a young man walked up and asked if he could join me on the bench. He had notebooks with him to study, but we also struck up a nice conversation. He is studying computer technology, but the most interesting thing I learned was that he is a dedicated runner. He routinely runs a 14K route with a couple friends every Saturday, and he was won both a silver medal and a bronze medal in province-wide competition. At 18 years of age, he is the same age as my grandson, Sam, who is also a good distance runner. With such common interests, they might like to get acquainted on the Internet!

Weird InsectThe meeting at the District Superintendent’s office was a good one. I’ll have more to say about it after we’ve had more meetings about the Skills Training Center that we’re working on. I caught the AU bus back to campus. A weird intriguing insect was at my door so I took a few minutes to examine it before going in to put my groceries away. Here it is:



  1. Thanks for sharing, Dr. Ed.

  2. Looks like a walking stick, Ed. There appear to be two of them in the picture. I’ll forward to an entomologist for verification.

  3. My entomologist friend confirms that they are walking sticks and that they are likely in the process of mating.

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