Early Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinsonism is an umbrella term that refers to conditions with symptoms similar to those of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). It’s the diagnosis my neurologist gave me with my early symptoms.

Parkinsonism symptoms include slow muscle movement and may include muscular stiffness and/or tremors. Those are also typical PD symptoms. PD is the most common form of Parkinsonism, but there are several other forms, including vascular Parkinsonism, drug-induced Parkinsonism, toxin-induced Parkinsonism, and others. No one can assume that Parkinsonism will become Parkinson’s Disease.

I had the Parkinsonism diagnosis for over a year before my worsening symptoms and condition warranted the diagnosis of PD. Both Parkinsonism and PD are most common after age 60, possibly affecting about one percent of the over-60 age group worldwide. They’re a bit more common in males than females.

Those factors apply to me. I have eight of the 10 early signs of PD listed by the Parkinson’s Foundation. That’s more than enough to confirm my diagnosis. Even though I’m in stage 4, I’m coping with it well. I’ll write more about this in future blog posts.