Easter Break

Dirt road SW side of campusWhen I went to the AU gate and back for my morning walk, the pre-dawn sky featured a few beautiful rose-tinted clouds, promising a gorgeous day. Usually I see many kids in school uniform heading for Hartzell Primary School at the Old Mutare Mission, but the school term ended yesterday at all public and mission schools, so the kids may have been sleeping in a bit. (Classes usually begin for them at 7 AM, with devotions starting at 6 AM.)

There was also a noticeable scarcity of college students who are often walking or jogging for their early morning workouts. Today is their last day of class before the long Easter weekend break, and many of them headed home yesterday. It will be quiet for the next few days, with only a few students from other countries remaining on campus. I often take the dirt road that goes around the west side of the campus to my office now that the rainy season is at its end. Walking along this road feels like being deep in bush country. Even though the dirt road is less than half a mile long, I enjoy hearing the birds and seeing the wild flowers along the way. It’s always a joy!