Homecoming – Great at Taylor and at Home!

It was great to see and spend time with family and friends at Taylor’s 2012 Homecoming, and then it was great to get home again after being away for three weeks. Homecomings are wonderful! There weren’t very many classmates at our ’57 reunion dinner but it was great to connect with those who could make it. As always, it was good to see Ruth and Riley Case as well as Don and Barbara Love. Good to see Loren Lindholm and Wendell True from the class ahead of us also. Joan Gilkison gave us some readings from her new book of poetry, and they were wonderful. I also got to see Jay Kesler in Chapel.

It was neat to get together with many family members a couple times over the weekend. Lunch at Bedru and Amanda’s place before Reid’s lacrosse game was really nice, and of course getting to see Reid playing lacrosse was neat. Lunch with everyone at the Dining Commons Sunday noon was special, as was getting the family tour of the new Euler Science Complex. What an awesome place. Below is a picture of several of us at the Art Department’s landscaped garden. Nice!

I flew back to San Antonio (via St. Petersburg/Tampa) on Monday, and it was great to get home. It’s been good to simply relax at home with Carol this week. Yesterday I played tennis in the Senior Men’s league at our local YMCA, and it was good to play with old tennis friends, even with a storm threatening. It arrived during our last set, but we’d had a good time. Homecoming is wonderful in all its guises!

Dodges at the Art Department’s Landscaped Gardens