Cutting-edge Science

I’ve had the joy of visiting and seeing family and friends this weekend as I returned to Taylor University for Homecoming. There is too much to mention in this brief blog, but I’ll touch on two highlights. The first was going to my first Lacrosse game. I’ve known about lacrosse for years, but had never seen a game being played before. This one was special because my grandson, Reid, was playing on the alumni team, having just graduated from Taylor this past May. The alumni team lost, but it was a fun game to watch. Reid played well.

The other highlight to mention is the new Euler Science Complex at Taylor. This 41.3 million dollar building was dedicated during Homecoming this weekend. We were given a personalized tour through the complex today by Dr. Jan Reber, Chair of the Biology Department. It is truly an amazing science center. Two distinctive wind turbines grace the landscaped grounds, supplying nearly twenty percent of the energy needs of the entire complex. Solar panels, a green roof, and six deep wells provide additional natural heating and cooling modalities for the complex. The classrooms and laboratories inside the building have state-of-the-art equipment. In every respect, the new science center is a remarkable place. Taylor was already a good place for students to study science. Now, the new science complex makes it even better. The superb facility combined with an exceptional faculty makes Taylor a great place for science students.

Seeing many old friends at Homecoming, and having a family mini-reunion with three Dodge generations connected with Taylor over the past sixty years was special. Having another grandson starting at Taylor this year made it even more special. It was a wonderful  weekend!