Tree Trunks

I enjoy my daily walk, especially after a day of rain. Much of my attention this morning was on the landscaping of the homes I passed. It’s always interesting to see changes in the yards as homeowners work on them and as the seasons progress. In addition, I’m always looking for possible ideas to use in our own yard.

No new ideas today, but my attention was captured by tree trunks. They’ve been there all along, of course, but I’ve never paid any special attention to them. There’s nothing flashy about most tree trunks. Most are brown or grayish in color, helping them blend into the background. Yet I was struck by their solidity and strength as I passed them today. The more I thought about them, the more amazing I realized they are.


They are indeed pillars of strength as they support the extensive network of branches and leaves above, lifting them high to get maximum advantage of the sun’s photons. On hot sunny days, the shade from that canopy can be very attractive. Shade-seekers are grateful for the cool relief they find, but most ignore the strong trunk that make shade possible.

A few trees scattered appropriately around a home provide nice benefits to the homeowner, adding to the attractiveness of the landscaping. More than that, they act like living thermostats, helping to cool the home in the heat of summer.

The trunk not only supports the crown above, but it serves up the nourishment that the thousands or millions of green leaves must have to thrive. Of course, the trunk doesn’t make any water and food, but it is a major conduit for these vital ingredients.

An invisible sprawling root system absorbs the water and nutrients the tree must have to live, and it all ascends through the trunk. The leaves then create more nourishing food by photosynthesis to help sustain the tree and its roots. What a remarkable system! But that’s not all the tree does.

Birds of the air and creatures of the earth find shelter and nourishment in and among trees. In stormy times, trees may sway a bit, but they don’t fall because they are so firmly grounded in the good earth. After a storm passes, most trees still stand erect.

Thousands of trees create a forest, and the forest creates incredible benefits for all Planet Earth and all its inhabitants. Humble, well-grounded tree trunks provide the structural system that supports it all. Cheers for tree trunks!

Love & Peace!

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