Our Amazing Dormant Daylilies

A clump of daylilies was part of the landscaping of our front yard when we bought our new home in Mountain Lodge a little over six years ago, but we never got to see them bloom. It turned out that deer love daylilies, and they kept our clump chewed down to the ground. The clump didn’t die. It kept putting out new leaves, but the deer just as regularly nibbled them down as soon as they saw them.

After three years, I finally wised up and transplanted the clump to our fenced-in backyard that the deer can’t get into. The clump then put out new leaves, but it didn’t seem to have enough energy to grow any blooms. After three more years of watching our non-blooming clump of leaves, I’d given up on them. They provided a patch of green, so I left them alone.

About two weeks ago, I noticed two or three delicate stalks rising from the clump. Could it be that we were actually going to get some blooms? Yesterday, we had our answer. Two beautiful blooms opened on the stalks. After six years of dormancy, we had flowers!