Change is in the Air!

Change is in the air! Evenings are definitely cooler now. The seasons are reversed here as compared to the United States because Zimbabwe is south of the equator to about the same degree that much of the USA is north of the equator. As we head into May this coming week, the nights will get cooler. They’ll become downright cold by July and August, with frost even occurring on occasional nights. Of course, I’ll be back in Texas by the end of May so I’ll escape Zimbabwe’s coldest weather.

Change is in the air in another way. All graduating seniors were asked to stand and then go to the front in Chapel this morning. It was a large group. They sang AU’s theme song, The Dream is Alive, to a big round of applause. They sang it well with a lot of feeling!

My students have completed their Final Exams now, though examinations will continue for another couple weeks for many. I’ll be marking my student exams for the next few days, and am pleased to see that they’re doing well, at least from early results. They’ve learned a lot!