Beautiful Honde Valley

Lloyd Chaucurah invited me to go with him to the Dambanda rural circuit church in Honde Valley Sunday, and I was glad when it turned out that I was able to go with him. I’d heard about Honde Valley often over the years, but never had been there. It’s a beautiful valley in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe that extends for many miles to the Mozambique border. Lloyd is Methodist Youth Fellowship Coordinator for the Mutasa district. We took the paved road about 25 miles toward the Nyanga Mountains before turning off toward Honde Valley. Then we went into a long winding descent with lots of switchbacks for over 15 miles before reaching the valley floor. The views of the valley were breath-taking as we wound our way down to a verdant garden of Eden that went on as far as the eye could see. Two twin falls were visible miles away as they plunged over the edge of a cliff for a sheer drop of over a thousand feet. The valley is also home to all kinds of birds and is said to be a birding paradise.

The small rural church was at the end of a dirt road several miles from were we turned off the paved road. We were warmly received when we got there. After a typical Sunday service with lots of prayers and wonderful singing, we visited a couple families that Lloyd knows well. They took us through their gardens and gave us samples of home-grown bananas and guavas. Then they walked us back about half a mile to where we left the car. We got back to AU and Old Mutare at about 5:30 pm. It had been a day of richly rewarding experiences. Honde Valley twin falls