Invigilator & Hiker

One of our classes of part-time MPH students was scheduled to take their final examinations in several modules this past weekend. These are people who are already in full time work, so all their classes are scheduled on weekends. The Dean asked if I would be invigilator (proctor) for one of the exams, so I spent yesterday morning as the Invigilator for their three-hour final examination in Statistics. (The picture, taken with their permission, shows them concentrating on their examination papers.) MPH students taking Final Exam in Statistics
After completing my invigilation duties, I really felt a need to get some exercise, so after a quick lunch, I found Walter and we headed for a trail that goes through the AU farm on towards Tsvingwe. Walter is the student from Hartzell who lives near the farm. Walter wanted to see if he could get some nails in Penha Longa, a gold-mining town on the other side of Tsvingwe, so we made that our destination. There weren’t any nails to be found, but we saw lots of evidence of mining activity. It was an interesting four-hour adventure. By the time I got back to the guesthouse at 6:30 pm, I had logged 22,242 steps on my pedometer. It turned out to be great hiking day!