Ocular Emergencies

Professor Munodawafa picked me up after breakfast yesterday and we went to Grand Rounds at the Mutare Provincial Hospital together. This is a weekly educational session for the medical and nursing staff there. We’re invited to attend whenever we can. Mutare Provincial Hospital is the largest regional hospital in the eastern part of the country.

Mutare Provincial Hospital

Mutare Provincial Hospital

The subject of the day was “Ocular Emergencies.” A lady optometrist reviewed the major kinds of ocular emergencies that may be seen in medical offices, hospital clinics, or emergency departments. These range from severe acute glaucoma to various kinds of eye injuries to acute retinal hemorrhages related to underlying diseases such as severe hypertension or diabetes. The ophthalmologist from Sakubva Eye clinic in town said that she sees these kinds of emergencies quite commonly. Mondays are the worst day, apparently because of medical flare-ups and acute injuries related to excessive drinking over the weekend. (It’s ironic that “Happy Hours” result in so much misery.) The presentation was excellent – one might even say eye-opening!


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