Weaver-bird Wonders

I hear the chattering of weaver-birds from my office because a good-sized tree behind our building is home to a colony of weaver-birds. There are dozens of nests scattered high up in the tree. Each nest is attached so that it hangs down from the end of a small branch. The entrance points down toward the ground so that snakes or other predators cannot get into it. Each nest is amazingly constructed of grasses woven together by the weaver-birds. The downward-pointing entrance opens to a passage that goes upward and then curves back down into a second chamber. This is where the eggs are laid and the baby weavers hatch. It really is an astonishing bit of architectural design, and every weaver-bird is a master builder. The first picture below shows the tree with dozens of nests to be seen high up in the tree. The second picture shows a close-up view of recently constructed weaver nest that had fallen to the ground. Weaver Nest

Dozens of Weaver Nests Hanging High in the Tree

Dozens of Weaver Nests Hanging High in the Tree



  1. Ed, Glad to hear you are back at AU, I’m a little jealous as usual. Do you know what kind of tree the nests are hanging from? There is usually someone at AU who knows the trees in case you don’t. Art

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