Eventful Day

Today was an eventful day. We met Carol’s three sisters and one brother-in-law for brunch at Cracker Barrel. Patsy and John, Carol’s sister and brother-in-law are visiting from Iowa. It was a good time for a quick family get-together. It also happened to be my birthday. It was nice to celebrate my 79th with family. After a good time of catching up with family, Carol and I returned home to tie up a few loose ends before my flight tomorrow. I’ll be flying to Zimbabwe via Washington DC and Ethiopia. This will be short as I still have some packing to do. The next time you hear from me will be from Africa University in Old Mutare, Zimbabwe. I plan to write fairly frequent blogs to give anyone interested a glimpse of my experience there over the next four months. Stay tuned!Carol's sisters_2015



  1. Dr. Dodge,
    Have a safe journey and enjoy the time with your students. I am sure they will be so happy that you are returning.


  2. Happy Birthday and safe travels! Go with the graces of God.

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