A Wonderful Weekend in Utopia

We’re back home after enjoying a wonderful weekend in Utopia. It’s true! Utopia is a small Texas town (population 227) eighty miles west of San Antonio. We had dinner reservations there Saturday evening to celebrate Carol’s birthday. The Laurel Tree is a unique French-style restaurant in Utopia that only serves lunches and dinners on Saturdays. The owner and Chef is a lady who spent three years in France becoming a Chef two or three decades ago. She now maintains this beautiful restaurant in Utopia as a kind of business hobby! It’s something she clearly loves doing. We enjoyed a five-course dinner featuring King Salmon filet as the main entrée. It was fabulous.

Utopia is featured in the movie, Seven Days in Utopia starring Robert Duvall. Much of the movie was filmed in Utopia in August, 2010. We haven’t seen the movie, but over the weekend I read the book on which the movie is based. The movie didn’t get rave reviews, but the book is a charming little story about a young golfing pro who stumbled into Utopia after suffering a devastating loss in a PGA tournament in San Antonio. He regained his golfing touch under the wise old teaching pro who owned and ran the ramshackle little golf course in Utopia. The old pro also helped him build a lasting philosophical and spiritual foundation for his life. Of course, the old pro does this by helping him connect his game of golf to a sacred quality of life. The book is endorsed by a number of top professional golfers.

Back to our weekend. We stayed in the Lodge at Lost Maples a few miles north of Utopia Saturday night. The next morning we went to the Lost Maples State Natural Area after a leisurely breakfast  and enjoyed a couple hours of meditative hiking in that beautiful setting. The park gets its name because of the stands of Bigtooth Maple there, far removed from any other maple tree forests. They are thought to be relicts of from the last ice age that carved out the valleys and canyons of the area. In full green foliage now, the lost maples are reported to put on a gorgeous display of red and orange colors in November. I think we’ll have to go back in November!

Carol at Lost Maples

Carol at Lost Maples


  1. Looking good Carol!

  2. Have to add this to my list of things to see and do in Texas – one day, I hope!

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