Quick Trip to Nashville

I took a flying trip to Nashville, arriving there Thursday evening, and returning home Saturday evening. My reason for going was to attend the Africa University Legacy Dinner on Friday evening. I was also invited to be a guest at AU planning meetings held Saturday morning. The Africa University Development Office is located in Nashville, which is why the meetings are held there.

Both events were well-planned. The dinner was lovely and meaningful as stories were told about AU’s development through the years, and numerous guests were honored. Africa University is embarking on a new $50 Million Endowment Campaign, which is obviously a major endeavor. AU also has a new Vice Chancellor who is clearly highly regarded. He gave us a brief summary of his background and was given a big hand after his presentation.

We were also blessed with several musical pieces by a very talented group of singers. Their songs ranged from spirituals to contemporary jazz, and they were outstanding. All told, the meetings were very worthwhile. I came away, impressed again with the quality of the supporters and leaders of Africa University. As in all of life, the strength and quality of relationships between people are of major importance!