Time is Flying

Another busy week has flown by. It’s been an interesting week. My MPH students gave their presentations in class on Wednesday. I was well impressed with what they are doing for themselves and their families by way of healthy lifestyle actions. Most have cut back on sugar and other highly processed foods and begun a regular walking schedule. Several have lost ten or more pounds in the process. More to the point, they feel better. Everyone comments on how vibrant they look. They are modeling the healthy lifestyles they plan to teach to their communities, and that’s the best way to introduce change.

I agreed to pinch-hit for the Dean to teach the part-time MPH class this weekend. It’s been an education for me (as teaching often is.) I had to quickly update my knowledge about a few tropical diseases I hadn’t taught recently, but I learned much in the process, especially about how the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health is tackling them. Not only have I enjoyed this, but the classes proved to be fun.

Final examinations begin for the students in less than a week and continue for two weeks. The semester is winding down that quickly!