A Funny Lock-out, Lock-in Story

It’s been an interesting week. Friday we interviewed about forty candidates for the next MPH Block-Release Class that starts in June. There were over a hundred applicants for twenty available slots, showing what high demand there is for this program. We had two interview teams, with our team interviewing twenty candidates between 9 AM to 4 PM. We had good applicants and I found it interesting, but it was a full day for everyone.

I was still in the office a bit after 5 PM, visiting with Carol on Skype, when the Dean came into my office to say that he just had a call asking me to open the Guest House for a couple waiting there. I was mystified as to who this might be. Carol and I said a quick good-bye, and I headed for the Guest House. It turned out to be my House-mates, Dr. Marion Bell and her husband Bob. He had mistakingly left their house key at the General Services office, and it was locked up there before he could retrieve it. I opened the house for them and we enjoyed supper together. They had an evening event on campus, so I let them have my house key.

The Dean and I have been taking a two-mile walk together every morning, and he came by at 6:15 AM to get me. That’s when I realized that I was locked in! I didn’t want to wake the Bells so early, so I found another solution. The Dean was really surprised to see me climb out the dining-room window, but he had a good laugh when I told him the story. The day was off to a good start!