Our Wonderful Wild Sunflowers

Our Wonderful Wild Sunflowers

A couple months ago when I was weeding our small raised gardens I noticed a particularly sturdy-looking weed, and for some reason I let it go – I guess to see what it would become. A few weeks later when it was about four feet tall, Carol asked me if I had planted it. When I said, “No,” she asked, “Why don’t you pull it up?” I said I wasn’t sure, but I thought it might be a wild sunflower plant. It kept growing until it was higher than our six-foot fence. Ten days it began to bloom, and sure enough, it was a wild sunflower plant. Today it it about seven feet tall, and it has over fifteen blooms on it. They track the sun, just as they are supposed to, and this evening they looked especially bright. I snapped a quick picture, and here they are. What a glorious weed this turned out to be!


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