Squirrels like Strawberries!

While we were finishing lunch this noon, I noticed our neighborhood squirrel taking a drink at the birdbath. He does this almost daily, so I didn’t think much about it. But after his drink, instead of climbing back up the fence as usual, the squirrel scampered toward the back corner of our raised strawberry bed. I had covered the bed with netting two months ago to keep birds from getting the strawberries, so I wasn’t too concerned about the squirrel investigating it, but I kept an eye on him. Suddenly, much to my astonishment, he lifted the back corner of the netting that he had loosened, and in a flash he was in amongst the strawberries. That was enough observation for me, and I ran outside. After all, these delectable organic strawberries are meant for our cereal every morning!

As soon as the squirrel saw me, he jumped out of the strawberry bed and scampered over the fence. He was out of sight in seconds. I tightened up the netting and anchored it down more firmly, having gained a new respect for Mr. Squirrel. I learned that he likes strawberries, and that he’s clever enough to undo protective netting to get to them.