Living in the Present

Staying in the now is valuable. Having some purpose, no matter how minor, also adds meaning to one’s life. Living with purpose in the present improves the quality of life. It’s especially important in Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

There is no cure in sight for PD. My days are limited, but I want them to be quality days. I stay in the present when I’m doing simple exercises, taking short walks, writing my blog, eating a meal, or simply resting. Does this work? Yes! My spirit is free and I enjoy my days despite my physical limitations. The secret is living with purpose in the now.

The Daily Word for November 17 expressed this idea nicely. I’m quoting a bit of it here:

Living in the present leads me to freedom. I release regrets over past events… and I say no to worrying about the future. Over the years, I have learned that trying to live in the past or in the future keeps me in a prison of distraction. I find spiritual freedom by living mindfully in the present moment.

Living mindfully, valuable for everyone, is very helpful to me with Parkinson’s Disease.