Planting our Fall Garden

It’s mid-August and still hot in San Antonio, but I started planting our fall garden this week. By the time the seeds sprout in September, the weather will be moderating. Growing conditions will be ideal for many plants for the next few months. So, what did I plant? Mustard greens and collard greens in one box garden, and Swiss chard, sweet basil, and radishes in others. All of these will provide us with great nutrition through the fall.

When the weather is a bit cooler, I’ll plant beets, broccoli, and English peas. They will survive the winter months to hit their peak in the spring. In the meantime, we’re enjoying purple hull peas and sweet potato greens, and our okra stand is almost ready to start producing. Our fig tree has been giving us delicious figs for the last few weeks. Our snake in the fig-tree seems to be working well. I’ve picked three ripe figs in the last three days, and Mr. Squirrel hasn’t touched one of them. 

Black Snake in Fig Tree

Fig Tree

I love planning, planting, and watching plants come up and grow. To top it off, after the joy of growing the garden comes the fun of harvesting, preparing, and enjoying each crop as it comes along. Gardening is wonderful!




    Glad you are enjoying the gardening. You have probably worked harder at it, but, have been much more successful than I have. Well done to you! I enjoyed reading this blog. Dave

    • Thanks, Dave. I have my share of failures, but I do enjoy gardening. I’m getting into it more now that I have more time. It’s a very relaxing, peaceful kind of activity. Come see our garden sometime!

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