August Rains Bless Our Backyard Garden

We had a nice gentle rain a couple nights ago, and more rain is promised tonight. We’ve really needed it because we’ve been in drought for the past few months. I’ve watered our box gardens faithfully, but the plants clearly prefer the rain. The sweet potato foliage is much more luxuriant than it was before the rain. The vines are growing so fast they will soon be spilling out of the garden boxes. Sweet potato greens are supposed to be very nutritious, even better than spinach in some ways, and they are said to be very tasty. We’ll find out, as this will be a great way to take care of excess greens!

Our fig tree is continuing to produce many new green figs, but we’re in a bit of a lull right now between crops. Mr Squirrel lost his fear of our patrolling owls, so I got a new deterrent. Will a snake in the fig tree will discourage him? We’ll find out!

Our potted hibiscus has been a bit retarded this year, but it outdid itself yesterday with five beautiful blooms. Our purple-hull peas continue to produce nicely. We enjoyed a batch for supper. It’s wonderful what blessings a good rain will bring!

Sweet Potato Vines


“Purple-hull” Peas

Five-Bloom Hibiscus