Variety Veggie Plate

This evening we had some favorite veggies in a fresh format that I’m calling our Variety Veggie Plate. On one plate we had kale and broccoli, both in deep green that is so nutritionally rich. The kale is cooked with some chopped onion and raisins that give it a nice taste. Along with broccoli, we enjoyed good-looking brussels sprouts with a few asparagus spears beside them.

Completing our veggie plate: familiar veggies, including cubed carrots, cubed zucchini, cubed onion, and chickpeas. This group was all tossed with a little olive oil and sweet basil, and then spread out on a baking sheet to be baked at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. What a tasty combination that turned out to be!

We also enjoyed our usual salad plate filled with organic baby spinach leaves, cut-up tomato and sweet bell pepper, and cucumber, celery, and red radish slices, all covered with a generous sprinkling of nutritional yeast that adds B vitamins and yummy flavor. We enjoyed sweet green grapes for dessert. It was a delicious dinner!