The Tincture of Time is Wonderfully Healing

It’s rare for me to get a headache, but two nights ago I went to bed with a headache, probably due to some self-induced stress that day. I woke up during the night with a nagging ache in the left frontal lobe of my brain. I thought about getting up to take a Tylenol tablet, but I don’t like to take medication unless there is strong therapeutic reason to do so. In this case, I knew a pain pill would simply dull or mask the pain without resolving any underlying stress. When I woke up again in the morning, the headache was still there. The thought of taking a Tylenol tablet again flashed through my mind. I still didn’t see a good reason to take it, so I had my usual breakfast instead and then went to the YMCA for my scheduled workout there. Do you know, sometime during that hour of good physical workout, my headache vanished, and it’s not come back again. Working out physically generates magical internal chemicals that are better than any anti-inflammatory medications. The benefits I reaped were wonderful.

One more quick, pain-related story. Playing tennis four days ago, I took a hard shot on the chest from a hard-hit ball at close range, just across the net. My opponent was apologetic, but I told him not to worry. Indeed, the pain eased up in a few minutes as we continued to play, and I didn’t think about it for the rest of the day. The next morning, though, as I got out of bed, I felt a strange aching soreness all across the left side of my chest that puzzled me until I remembered the tennis ball striking me there like a cannonball the day before. For the next three days, any movement that involved my left chest muscles hurt badly enough to make me wince. Even taking a deep breath was a pain. I couldn’t believed a tennis ball could wreak such havoc, but without a doubt, it caused enough muscle injury to result in an intense inflammatory healing process for the next few days. I played tennis again this morning. Interestingly enough, though there was still a little residual soreness in my left chest, I moved around the court well and played better than usual. I had definitely recovered!

As a footnote to this story, I never took any pain or anti-inflammatory pills for this problem either. I knew that the inflammatory process was a natural healing process from a muscle injury, and that it would get better on its own just as quickly and probably more effectively than if I took any medication for it. The tincture of time is wonderfully healing!