My Parkinson’s Paradox

Ed Dodge, MD, second from right, with his three children (left to right): Amy, Jeff and Randall.

Parkinson’s disease: My Sorrow — and My Joy

“There is a time to weep and a time to laugh.” (Ecclesiastes)

My Parkinson’s paradox: I feel both sorrow and joy as my disease progresses, funneling
down to severe limitations. Sorrow is easily understood as I keep losing capabilities, but
how can I feel joy? That’s the paradox.

I still enjoy the limited activities I can perform. This is temporal, but I have a deeper
source of joy. It is the caring that I feel from close friends and family. This feeling will go
with me beyond the grave. I want my loved ones to remember my enjoyment of life, and
to know that my joy continues!

Love, Ed

Note: This my last Parkinson’s blog post. I love sharing my thoughts with you, but I’m
physically unable to keep on. Farewell with love!