Tim’s Story: A Spiritual Perspective of Health

Tim’s Story: A Spiritual Perspective of Health is part memoir, part health manual, and part spiritual commentary in one easy-to-read book. I was Tim, and Tim’s Story is my story.

A newly revised and updated edition of Tim’s Story, recently published by Stratton Press, is now available on Amazon.

In Tim’s Story, “spiritual perspective” refers to qualities of spirit such as love, joy, and peace. Tim’s Story is not about religion, but it reviews the strong evidence that we are energetic beings. Can our energy be viewed as spiritual in nature? That question is considered carefully in the book.

Few people realize how wonderfully we are made. The cells in our bodies have millions of actions going on simultaneously. It’s not a process that can be managed at a conscious level. Yet it is all coordinated at a subconscious cellular level. Cells communicate with each other energetically. Our universe is a vibrating sea of energy. Matter is not solid. Subatomic particles consist mostly of space and energy. When viewed at subatomic levels, even rocks are dancing with energy.

Nobel physicist Max Planck said a century ago:

“There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume the existence of an intelligent mind behind this force. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Our bodies and minds are responsive to the energy that surrounds us. We have biomagnetic energy fields that extend indefinitely into space. The heart’s magnetic field is measurable 15 feet away from the body by a magnetometer device that is not connected to the body.

The biomagnetic fields around living bodies are dynamic, changing from moment to moment to reflect changes taking place inside those bodies. The living body is an energy system with communication between all its parts.

We are organized beings of energy living in an energy-based universe. The secret of good health lies in nourishing and optimizing the flow of energy within as well as between us and everything around us.

Four chapters in Tim’s Story discuss energy dynamics in major health categories.

• The Healing Energy of Love
• Nutrition, Energy and Health
• The Balancing Dance of Exercise and Rest
• Hygiene and Health

A summary chapter briefly describes the difference between materialistic and spiritual views of life. The materialist says that the physical is all that exists, that consciousness is caused only by brain activity, and when the body dies, that is the end of us.

In the spiritual view, our consciousness connects with greater universal consciousness, and we continue after this physical life is over.

The science supporting an energy-driven universe makes a spiritual view of the universe credible. Qualities of spirit like love, joy, and peace are a vital part of this energy-driven universe. Love, defined as caring respect for others and oneself, is the foundation of health. Unconditional love is not soft, superficial love. Unconditional love is deep, strong, and tough.

Integrating this spiritual perspective into all of one’s life is liberating. We are freed when we understand that our essence is not tied to the fate of our bodies. Yet unconditional love motivates me to care wisely for my entire self, body, mind, and soul, as well as for others.

The last chapter in the book brings my incomplete autobiography up to date. It describes two episodes that threatened my life in recent years. What was the impact of these episodes on me and my perspective of life? Tim’s Story answers this question.