Owl is on the Job!

The figs on our Black Mission fig tree have been ripening nicely. When I studied the tree closely this morning, I saw several ripe figs, with more on the way. I had to get our stepstool to reach the highest ones. By the time I finished picking, I had six ripe figs in my basket to join the two figs I picked yesterday. We enjoyed two of them for lunch. Owl has been doing his job well! If you look carefully, you can see a ripe fig above and to the right of the owl’s head. There are also quite a few green figs in the picture, but they are hard to see because they’re the same color as the leaves. The plate of ripe figs shows a plentiful harvest already. With two or three dozen more figs still coming along, it looks like we’re in for many a summer treat!

Owl is on the job!

Plenty of Ripe Figs



  1. Figs are so good! BUT, they are really expensive at H.E.B. We use to own a lake-house, and, I had a plumb tree, pecan tree, and a pear tree. Ny neighbor had a fig tree,bush but, didn’t like the taste of figs. So, we traded. I enjoyed many free figs during mid-late summer. Good for you to have a fig tree in your yard. Regards, Dave

    • Thanks Dave. Figs are good, and as you say, they’re also expensive if you buy them at HEB. It sounds like you had productive trees in your yard. We have a 3-year-old plum tree in our backyard also. It had one delicious plum this spring, but it’s growing like crazy. We’re hoping for a nice plum crop next spring.

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