Zucchini Delight

I harvested our first zucchini yesterday, and what a delight it was. These plants looked rather puny a couple weeks ago, but they’re clearly thriving now. I added cedar mulch last week and that is helping a lot. The timing of the first zucchini couldn’t be better because our green bean box garden gave us its last few green beans yesterday after producing daily for the past three weeks. Now the zucchini plants are ready to take over supplying our table with fresh produce. Even though they are few, I think they’re up to the challenge. Once they get going, zucchini plants can be prolific producers.

Carol found a zucchini – carrot recipe that proved to be delicious. We liked it so much that nothing was leftover. Now our challenge will be to come up with equally delicious dishes for every zucchini. What a good challenge!