Be Healthy!

This is the new “Be Healthy” blog. Anyone who has read my blog in the past knows that it is often related to health in some way, though sometimes the health connection may be hard to detect. Still, it usually deals with something that has a bearing on health of body, mind or spirit. Actually, that will continue to be the case. So why is the blog getting a new name? The main reason is that my new book, Be Healthy, is finally going to be released in December as an eBook, and I want my blog and the new book to be connected with a common theme.

The great news (for me) is that after four years of working on it, the book is becoming a reality. I signed the contract with Gather Insight this week for a professional layout for the book. When this is complete, the book will be ready as an eBook for anyone who wants to get it. I don’t have a picture of the book yet, but you can be sure I’ll show it when we have a cover that’s ready for prime time!

The purpose of this blog will be to feature and/or update health tips from my book. I’ll also highlight good tips from other books that I recommend. If a book is particularly outstanding, I may review it briefly on this blog, or on the Wellness Newsletter if it calls for greater depth.

In the past, I’ve posted an entry on this blog sporadically, and I must admit that there’ve been some fairly long intervals between entries. That will change now that the purpose of the blog is more clearly focused. My plan is to write an entry every Wednesday and Sunday. I hope you will find them interesting and useful. Stay tuned!