The Christmas Rose

Carol and I watched the San Antonio Spurs game Christmas afternoon. I was jarred by all the ads with previews of coming programs and movies for the new year. Violent action of some sort was a major feature in nearly all of them. This is not new of course. Violent action seems to be a required ingredient in most movies today. Still, the promotion of all this blatant violence on Christmas Day seemed especially incongruous.

I went for a long walk after the game was over. The clear cool day was great for walking. Many homes were gaily decorated for the holidays and some featured reindeer. Then I saw a live doe feeding in a clearing. She simply raised her head and looked at me calmly as I walked by her a few feet away. That was neat. After my walk I went into our backyard. One of our knockout rose bushes had a single Christmas bloom – a simple but beautiful symbol of our creator’s genius. It was a wonderful message for me, and my spirit was completely revitalized!Christmas Rose