Summer Solstice Concert in the Cave Without a Name

Carol has been away this week, attending an Inner Bonding workshop in Colorado. I’ve spent time doing computer work, playing tennis in the senior league at the “Y”, and cooking my meals. (Some have been good enough that I honestly look forward to fixing and eating them!)

Last evening I did something different. A Summer Solstice concert has been billed as a unique kind of event being held in the Cave Without a Name, about 40 miles northwest of here. I’d heard about this cave but had never been there, so I decided to attend this concert. It was a unique experience indeed. The main cavern is 90 feet underground, but it’s a fairly easy descent down 126 steps to get there. Beautiful formations in Cave Without a NameMixing after concert at Cave Without a Name

As you can see from the pre and post-concert pictures, the cavern has some beautiful formations. In addition to the beautiful setting, the acoustics in the cavern were great, making for a wonderful concert. Another unique thing about the concert was that nearly an hour into the music, the lights were turned off completely, and we listened to about 15 minutes of music in pitch-black darkness. We were prepared, having been warned about this in advance, but it was still a unique experience. I don’t know how the musicians could play, but they did so magnificently. About 120 of us attended, and it was truly a memorable experience.

A word about the cave and its name. A contest to name the cave was held in 1939. A small boy’s entry was that the cave was too beautiful to have a name, and it’s been the Cave Without a Name ever since!