An Interesting Week!

It’s been a busy, interesting week. Classes on Monday and Wednesday went well. Monday evening I gave a talk to about 40 students in the Methodist Student Volunteer Movement. Wednesday evening I met with the executive committee of the Healthy Lifestyle Club. It’s a small club, but it is attracting interest. Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon I was on a Faculty of Health Science committee charged with outlining a research proposal for a new curriculum to train educators in Early Childhood Health and Education in Zimbabwe. This weekend, my part-time MPH students are giving presentations on how to model a healthy lifestyle and teach healthy lifestyle principles in their communities. I’ll say more about this next time.

It hasn’t rained for the past five days, although we had some clouds and rumbling thunder today. March is typically the month in which the rainy season tapers off, and I think we’re right on schedule. The last heavy rain came during our hike last Sunday afternoon. It took six days for my walking shoes to dry out completely after that muddy hike. Today is the first day I’ve worn them since then. They don’t look bad after I spent an evening cleaning them up and polishing them!

Cleaned-up Shoes

Cleaned-up Shoes

Green Campus at End of Rainy Season

Green Campus at End of Rainy Season



  1. Thank you for sharing, Dr. Ed! Your rainy season is about the same as we experienced in Zambia 50 years ago! Enjoy!
    Lynn & Villa Jean

  2. Ed, I barely recognized the campus from your picture. I’m not sure where you were when you took it. At least there shouldn’t be a drought problem for the crops! The maize should be ready for harvest. Sounds like your having a lot of great experiences at AU this year. Art

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