Wonderful (and Muddy) Sunday Hike

I attended the service in the AU Chapel Sunday morning. At one point the chaplain asked attendees to testify as to what God had done in their lives, and we heard some inspiring stories from staff and students.

Sunday afternoon, Mr. Choi (Korean instructor at AU) and I decided to hike to an area we hadn’t been to before. The day was sunny with a few clouds when we started off, slightly before 3 PM. By 4:15 we had passed Sangweme, a small village that was our goal, and had reached a pass from which we could see across farmlands for miles to the Nyanga mountains in the North. It was a magnificent view.

Meantime, a fast-moving weather system from the Southeast had reached us, and we felt the first few raindrops as we were admiring the vista in front of us. We got caught in this fast-moving storm, but found shelter in an unfinished school along the way. We met a herds-boy, tending to a herd of cattle, who also found shelter there. We enjoyed chatting with him while waiting out the storm. Every so often he would dash out and head the cattle away from a cornfield that was obviously tempting. The ringing of the cow-bells as they moved around reminded me of the cow-bells Carol and I heard when we visited the Swiss and Austrian Alps. If I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was in the Alps again.

After the rainstorm passed, we slopped home in the mud, arriving “home” just a bit after six with muddy shoes and wet clothes. We had hiked about eight miles, and it had been a messy walk, but it was fun. Needless to say, it felt good to clean up and get some dry clothes on. I slept very well last night!

I forgot my camera yesterday (perhaps fortunately, as it would have been soaked,) so I don’t have any pictures of our trek. However, below is a picture of a wet day in the Nyanga Mountains from a class field day there last year. It’s a different setting, but it gives you an idea of that area in weather similar to ours yesterday.

Field trip to Water Treatment Plant in Odzani

Field trip to Water Treatment Plant in Odzani