Pumpkin Leaf Greens

Grace, the housekeeper at the Faculty of Health Science offices, brought me a box of pumpkin leaf greens Friday afternoon. She had asked me earlier if I would like some, reminding me that she had given me some last year when I was here. As I recalled, they were quite tasty the way she had instructed me to prepare them, so last night I had a mess of pumpkin leaf greens for supper, along with my boiled veggies. Grace taught me to cook the greens with a tablespoon or two of peanut butter, along with diced onion and a teaspoon of sunflower seed oil. After bringing them to a boil, I let them simmer for about thirty minutes, and they were delicious! I could eat them two or three times a week, and the good news is that they are in season.

I have a follow-up to the frog story (see my last blog.) I couldn’t believe my eyes, but when I was getting ready for bed last night, there was a frog in the toilet again!. Light tan in color, it was simply sitting above the water line, a little higher up in the toilet bowl than the last time. This time I scooped it into a cardboard box and took it outside to release it. I don’t think it was the same frog as last time as it seemed a bit smaller, but the frog tribe certainly has found an unusual way to get into the house. I’m going to ask the maintenance staff to check the drainage pipes Monday. In the meantime, I’m keeping a close eye on that toilet!