What a Welcome!

I arrived at Africa University Monday evening, two days after leaving San Antonio. I received a warm welcome from many people this week, and it feels like I’m already back in the swing of things again. My first class was Wednesday afternoon, and we were just getting underway when a thunderstorm hit campus. We had lightning and thunder booming around our building so loudly and frequently that we couldn’t do much except listen to the storm. What a thunderous welcome!

It is the middle of the rainy season, and the fields all around the countryside are more lush than I’ve ever seen them before. It looks like bumper crops are coming this year, and the farmers love it.

I don’t know if it’s because of the abundant rain or not, but I found a good-sized frog in the toilet in the Guest House when I was getting ready for bed Wednesday evening. It wasn’t there  earlier, and there was no way it could have gotten there except by climbing in through some break in the drainage system outside. It moved around vigorously, but could not hop out of the toilet bowl. We simply eyed each other for a few minutes, while I tried to figure out what to do with this unexpected guest.

I tried to flush it back down through the drain, but it braced itself with its legs against the outlet and simply let the torrent of water go around him. Finally, when I poked him with a piece of cardboard, he dove deeper down into the outlet. I quickly flushed the toilet again, and this time the frog went back out to wherever he came from. I haven’t seen him again, but I’m checking the toilet carefully each time I’m in the bathroom!

I’ll have more uplifting experiences to report next time, I’m sure. There will always be something interesting to report. Stay tuned!