An Eventful Day

Tuesday, June 5th is a special day. It’s been highlighted on my 2018 calendar for nearly a year because it’s the day that I and several members of my extended family are beginning a long-planned trip to Africa. We actually began talking about the possibility of such a family trip over a year ago. Ten months ago, 14 of us bought round-trip tickets from Ethiopian Airlines for this trip. A 15th member of the family subsequently decided to join us. Why Africa? That’s a long story. The quick version is that my parents felt a call to Africa over 80 years ago, and Africa became their life-long passion. Three generations of the Dodge family have had some kind of ties to Africa since then. Now, we’re going back to explore old family memories and perhaps create some new ones. We start today!



  1. Peggy Griffin-Jackman

    Such a rich trip, our spirits travel with you with love the griffin girls!

  2. Praying for safe travels, and the rekindling of fond memories, along with the wonder-filled joy of many new ones. Delighted that you are sharing these marvelous adventures with us. God bless…

  3. Congratulations Ed and family as you embark on the trip of a lifetime. How neat that your extended family will see areas you and your parents were in all those decades ago, and what a wonderful contribution you all made. Life well-lived. Regards Dave Porter

    • Thank you, Dave. It’s an exciting adventure for all of us. Half of us met up at Dulles airport tonight, and the other half of the group is joining us early in the morning. Our overseas flight takes off tomorrow morning!

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