A Wonderful Saturday at Home!

After a leisurely breakfast, I spent most of the day puttering around in the back yard. It was a gorgeous sunny day. I had decided a week or so ago to dedicate this day to yard work. Our trash service had sent everyone a notice that their twice-a-year bulky yard trash pick-up would be next week, so today was the day to weed, trim, and get the yard into good shape.

I do most of my yard work the old-fashioned way with hand tools. It’s slow work, but I’m not in rush, and as I work, I enjoy the various sights and sounds around me. The birds chirp and sing, and the neighborhood squirrel checks on me as he runs along the top of the fence. The sun warms me up, and a gentle breeze kisses my cheeks as I work. When I’m doing this work I have a deep sense of peace and of being at one with the universe. I can only describe it as wonderful.

By the end of the day, I had four large black plastic bags filled with weeds and other debris from the yard. The lawn and our little box gardens looked neat, and I was tired but happy. The last thing I did before going inside was gather our mini-harvest. Today it included a couple dozen blueberries, two nice-looking tomatoes, a bunch of baby salad greens, a few sprigs of parsley, and a handful of cooking greens. It was our best harvest of the spring. Our reward was a delicious, home-grown, organic supper.