Classes Completed

Africa University Library

All Africa University students completed their classes this week. For their final classes, I asked my students to choose any topic pertaining to our classroom work that especially intrigued them and explore it in some depth. They gave PowerPoint presentations of 15-30 minutes each for our classes this week. Most of them did an excellent job, and all said they learned a lot by doing this. I’m proud of them!

Now all classes face Final Exams over the next two weeks. Each final examination is a three-hour exam, and by university rules, it counts for 60 percent of their final grade. Needless to say, students are spending a lot of time in the library for some concentrated study now. My work will come with grading the examinations. I don’t ask too many questions, but the questions I ask are broad, in-depth questions that require long written responses. I’ve found that I get a better picture of each student’s true understanding of their subjects with these kinds of questions. The next two weeks will provide an interesting and challenging conclusion to the semester!