Settling in After a Long Trip

I arrived on the AU campus around 8:00 PM Saturday after two long days of flying, with layovers in Washington, DC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Lusaka, Zambia. A driver from AU met me at the airport for the four hour drive to campus. All went well except that I kept dozing off to sleep on the drive! The driver understood my jet lag, and since I wasn’t doing the driving, that was OK. Other than being long, the flights went well, and I met some interesting people. A team of builders from “Builders Without Borders” was headed for Ruwanda to build a school for a faith-based NGO there. Evidently they have done this in quite a few countries. They are clearly very efficient as the entire school is being built in two weeks! I was impressed by this and by the “Can-Do” attitude conveyed by the team. Then on the flight from Addis to Zimbabwe, I met a team of young people from UK who will be doing volunteer work with an organization that cares for homeless children. What a great group!

Today was my first day back in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The faculty spent the day hearing and commenting on research proposals from our second-year MPH students. They’ve done a lot of the preparatory work for this already. I’m sure they will do a good job of evaluating current health problems and investigating ways of improving health in Zimbabwe. It was a full day, and it’s going to be an interesting semester!