A Spitting Cobra

Larry Kies called me about 5 PM yesterday to ask if I wanted to play a quick set of tennis before dark. I said, “Sure – I’ll be there in five minutes.” When I got to his house, something else had commanded everyone’s attention. Carly Kies, (their 18-year old daughter) had seen a fleeting glimpse of a gray snake in her bedroom! Her bedroom was the garage before they converted it to a bedroom a few years ago, and it has quite a bit of stuff stored in it, so the snake could have been hiding behind anything. We slowly and carefully moved stuff and furniture out of the way, and were finally “rewarded” by seeing a two-foot gray snake slither out from behind a bookcase. As soon as he saw it, Larry said, “That’s a spitting cobra,” and indeed, it hissed at us right on cue. Another neighbor who had come over had a big stick which he smashed down on the cobra’s neck, and then Larry pinned it down with another stick. When he was sure it was dead, he picked it up, holding it carefully behind the head. It was indeed a spitting cobra, a truly poisonous snake, and the first I have seen here. Here’s a picture of Larry and a smiling Carly with the snake after all the action. As for the tennis – we never got to it!

A Spitting Cobra!

A Spitting Cobra!



  1. We had a little experience with that snake in Zambia. It aimed at your eyes!.. Our yard/wood man got hit once and headed straight for his village, where he found a young nursing mother, and put some of the young mother’s milk in his eye and it made it ok. Just thought that would be a good bit of medical history for you, Dr. Ed. Hope to see you soon, and don’t go looking into a fruit tree close up. And, if you go to Congo, you find another kind of snake that does not spit at you, but eats you alive!

    Stay safe (and BE HEALTHY),

    Lynn & Villa Jean Tiller

  2. ennoy your adventures. look forward to seeing you soon. May God bless you

  3. Wow, you are certainly piling up experiences and adventures!

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