Recharge for Depressed Moods

My daughter Amy and granddaughters Beza and Bayush met me at the Tampa Airport when I flew into Florida Saturday evening. We enjoyed dinner at the Queen of Sheba restaurant before heading home, and it was a real treat. We love Ethiopian food!

Last evening I talked about effective ways to treat depression at the meeting of the Citrus NAMI chapter. Major depression is a serious problem that’s on the increase in our country. A leading cause of disability, it’s not something to ignore. Medications can help, but have real limitations. Recent research tells us that lifestyle changes such as major nutritional upgrades, regular physical activity, caring social support, and true stress reduction are often more effective in boosting depression than medications. This is exciting news because it means that people can significantly affect their own mental health.

These lifestyle changes are ways of boosting one’s emotional batteries when they get low. It’s still helpful to have professional evaluation and guidance for depression, but each of us has marvelous healing tools within us that we can put to good use. We can do much to revive our own health and emotional well-being!