Life Abundant in the Backyard

The first week in June has been one of abundant life in our backyard. We’re getting wonderful fresh strawberries again. They’re smaller than the commercial ones, but they are oh so sweet! Plus they are purely organic! We’re enjoying them on our cereal every morning. We’re also harvesting fresh chard greens to go with supper two or three times a week, and they are so tender! Then, our tomato plants produced four beautiful red tomatoes this week – also purely organic. I think their being hidden amongst the zinnias has kept the bugs from finding them! And our wild sunflower plant keeps on growing and thriving. It now has over 50 sunflower blossoms on it. Small seed-eating birds love it. Speaking of birds, a new wren family has discovered our birdhouse, and it looks like we’ll be helping to raise another wren family. Finally, we see one or two humming-birds hovering by our mountain cedar almost every evening, even pausing to perch on a small twig occasionally. How wonderful it is that we have so many abundant blessings right in our own little backyard.

Wild Sunflower Blossom

Rock, Flower, Tomato Garden