Dr. Ed Dodge’s Ten Steps to Exceptional Health was published in 2010 as an ebook and as a softcover book. Both are available at www.thejoysofhealthyliving.com.

People with exceptional health are vibrant. Their life expectancy is excellent. Equally important, most enjoy life more fully throughout their years because they are so healthy.

Research shows that healthy lifestyles lower the risk of disorders like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and stroke that plague our society. An editorial in The Journal of the American Medical Association stated in September 2009: Initiatives aimed at improving lifestyle behaviors have the largest influence on reducing the future burden of disease.

In other words, you have more personal health power than anyone else, even your doctor! The goal of Ten Steps to Exceptional Health is to help you use your own health power effectively. There are ten basic principles involved in gaining exceptional health. Each of the ten chapters in the book is devoted to spelling out one of these principles.

Together, the ten principles provide a blueprint for building exceptional health. When you successfully make them part of your daily life, the results can seem almost magical. It is not magic. The scientific basis for expecting them to help you savor life more fully is solid. You can be a more effective master of your own health.

Feel wonderful. Live longer. Be happy!