Home-grown Blackeyed Peas!

Tonight we had organic home-grown blackeyed peas as our featured entrée. I picked the peas from our little box garden a couple days ago. After shelling them, I cooked them with tri-colored quinoa and diced tomatoes.The peas were really fresh when I shelled them, as opposed to the dried blackeyed peas commonly used.

Along with this entrée, we had kale cooked with 1/4 chopped onion and raisins in veggie broth, carrot chunks, calabaza chunks, a purple cabbage wedge, and asparagus spears. Our salad plate tonight had fresh baby spinach with raisins, chopped organic celery and pieces of freshly cut pineapple. It was really good with raspberry-infused balsamic vinegar dressing. Dessert was a bowl of cut watermelon. What a good supper!