Father’s Day Blessings

Flowering Plum Tree

My wife found a young sapling tree with deep burgundy leaves at a nursery a couple weeks ago that she really liked. It turned out to be a KV ornamental plum tree. If you look it up, you’ll find that it’s gorgeous in the spring when it’s covered with blooms. After the blooms are gone, it’s still a distinctive looking tree because of it’s burgundy foliage. Based on it’s future promise, we decided to get it. Yesterday, I planted and staked it in our front yard, and wrapped the trunk with protective tree tape. It looks a bit frail now, but it should be beautiful in a couple years.

I wrote a blog last summer about a small fig tree I’d planted in our back yard. It has doubled in size since then, and this year it’s a bearing couple dozen figs. They’re still green, but I wrapped some netting around the tree to protect them, and we may have some of our own sweet figs this summer. Simply homegrown pleasures are the best!

I’ve been blessed with calls from all three of my children today. They‘re adults with grown children of their own now, and they each live over a thousand miles away, but visiting with each of them is always a joy. It’s been a wonderful Father’s Day!

Mission Fig