The Joys of Being Grounded!

I’ve been back home for 12 days now, long enough to get over jet lag, clear up 18 weeks of accumulated mail, and finish my tax paperwork. I don’t relish such chores, but it’s good to have them done. Saturday I enjoyed spending the day in the yard, weeding, transplanting flowers, and planting a late spring garden. I love becoming grounded in this way. Something about working in harmony with nature really gives me a lift.

Carol had a nice surprise for me when I arrived home. She told me to go look at our blueberry bush in the backyard. I was delighted to find it loaded with blueberries that were nearly ripe. We planted a small bush in a whiskey half-barrel planter three years ago, and it has really thrived in the past year. We’ve talked about starting another blueberry bush, but have never found another matching planter. Carol went to the gym for a workout this afternoon. When she got back, she wanted to show me something in the trunk of the car. It was a whiskey half-barrel planter! It’s a perfect match for our blueberry planter – another great addition for our backyard gardening!

These pictures show some of the joys of working in the yard.

Ripening blueberries

Blueberry bush