New Gravel Pathway

I went to town on the AU bus Saturday morning to see a couple students and get some groceries. When I got back home I fixed a quick lunch and then decided to work on the pathway to our guesthouse. It has been a grass pathway, but it gets very muddy and slippery after heavy rains. Our dirt side yard, where cars sometimes park, also becomes muddy and slippery after such rains. Several of us in the guesthouse decided recently that we should do something about this ourselves. A large pile of stones had been dumped at the side of the guesthouse a year ago for this purpose, but nothing was ever done with it.

On Saturday afternoon, we borrowed a small sturdy hoe to shovel stones into a large plastic bucket. Then we hauled loads of the stones to create a gravel pathway to the guesthouse. We also distributed some stones in the side yard to stabilize it a bit. It still needs more work to be a suitable parking spot, but this is a start. At least with the new gravel pathway, we can walk into the house without our shoes getting all muddy!New Gravel Path